Dress Rehearsal - Thursday, June 3rd
Graduating Seniors Solos - 9:00 am-10:00am
Junior and Senior Advanced Dancers - 10:00am-Noon
Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 - 12:00-2:00
Wednesday 2-4 Grade - 2:00-3:00
Tuesday and Thursday 2-4 Grade - 3:00-4:00
Kinder/1st Grade, Sandy's Wednesday 1st/2nd Grade - 4:00-5:00
Pre-dance/Pre-K - 5:00

Junior and Senior Recital - Thursday, June 3rd - 7:00pm
Recital - Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th - 6:30pm

Summer Semester begins June 14th

Fall Semester begins August 2nd

Please call Sandy at
(931) 309-7230 or email for registration and enrollment.

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Tickets for "Celebrate" are now available to be picked up in the office. Please pay cash or check (no PayPal) for tickets. All available tickets have been reserved. If your ticket needs change, please let me know.

All class fees and any other outstanding fees must be paid by dress rehearsal in order for students to participate in recital.

Please turn in a DVD form this week if you plan to purchase a DVD of the recital. Due to the fact that we have three different recitals this year, we must have a minimum number of DVDs ordered for each show in order to have the show professionally recorded.

Next week the Fall Semester Schedule will be sent home with each student with a registration form attached. If your child plans to participate in Fall classes, please fill out the form and return as soon as possible. Students are only considered registered when the form is returned.

Registration for Summer Semester and Summer Dance Camp will also begin next week. Summer is a great way to get some extra class time and technique. All advanced dancers are required to take at least 4 technique classes during the summer. Students that will be advanced dancers in the fall are welcome to take the advanced dancer's technique classes during the Summer Semester.

Attached is a recital information sheet concerning hair, makeup, etc. Please review it and the recital schedule that was handed out last month (recital schedule is also posted on the window at PPAC). REMINDER that dress rehearsal is a mandatory rehearsal for all students.

PPAC dancers are working very hard and I appreciate their dedication to their classes and to their recital choreography. Please feel free to contact me with questions (931) 309-7230.


** Due to the large number of graduating seniors this year, the junior and senior dancers will be performing all of their dances in their own show on Thursday, June 3rd. They will also be performing a few of their dances in the Thursday and Friday night shows. If you would like to come and watch the juniors and seniors entire show, tickets are still available. Students do not have to buy a ticket to the Thursday show, but if they plan to attend, please let me know so that I can keep a running total of audience members.


Recital Week is only TWO weeks away! Class attendance is extremely important at this time of year. Parents, please, make sure that dancers are practicing their choreography at home

All dancers, except Pre-Dancers, will wear their hair in a tight bun with absolutely no bangs. No jewelry (stud earrings are fine) or fingernail polish. Dancers will need stage makeup using pink lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. Please use natural colors for eye shadow. Please come to the recital and dress rehearsal in your first costume (order of dances will be posted soon). Head pieces need to be on the right side of the dancer's bun.

Dancers will be provided a classroom for changing clothes. Restrooms need to be kept open for audience members. Boys will have a separate dressing room. No boys or men are allowed in the girl's dressing room.

The only dancers that are allowed in the auditorium during performances are predance, prek, Kinder/1st and Sandy's Wednesday 1/2 Grade class. All other dancers must stay in the cafeteria during the recital. Parents will be responsible for making sure dancers that are in the auditorium are backstage three numbers before their performance. These dancers will need to sit on the floor in front of the stage. Seats are for ticket holders only. A table will be assigned for each age group in the cafeteria.

All recitals will last approximate 2 hours with a 15-minute intermission. Doors to the school are open for dancers and parents one hour before show time. There will be at least 100 empty seats this year to allow for social distancing. Lining up outside at 3:30 to get a seat is unnecessary as there will be plenty of room and no tickets will be sold at the door.

Please do not bring flowers to the front of the stage for your dancers. Only graduating seniors should have flowers brought to the front of the stage during recitals.

PPAC strives to have a professional dance recital. In order to do this, we must remind student's families that dance recitals are not sporting events. Yelling a dancer's name as they take the stage is distracting for the children and the audience. It will also be captured on our video. Please remind guests of this recital etiquette.

Flash photography is not allowed during recital as it is also distracting.

NO VIDEO RECORDING WILL BE ALLOWED DURING RECITAL. Video-taping can be done at dress rehearsal only. Professional Videographers will have cameras in several places around the auditorium.

For the safety of all the dancers, and copyright infringements, please do not post recital dances on YouTube or Facebook. If you wish to share videos with family, please do so via your private text or private DropBox.


Monday, May 31st - No classes, Memorial Day

Tuesday, June 1st - Mandatory Rehearsal at PPAC

(Pre-dance, pre-k, and k/1 and 1/2 grade classes are not included in this rehearsal. Teachers will be in the front of the stage to help these dancers remember choreography. There will be no regular classes at PPAC this week.)

Wednesday, June 2nd - PPAC Closed

Thursday, June 3rd - Giles County High School - Dress Rehearsal - Dress Rehearsal is a mandatory rehearsal for all participants. (Those not attending will not be allowed to participate in the show). All dancers will need to come in full costume of their first dance. Classes will then change costumes and perform second and third dances.

Thursday, June 3rd - 7:00 pm - Junior and Senior Recital - Ticket required

Friday, June 4th, 6:30 pm - Recital Dancers will need to be at Giles County High School no later than 6:00 pm. Doors open at 5:30. Ticket required.

Saturday, June 5th, 6:30 pm - Recital Dancers will need to be at Giles County High School no later than 6:00 pm. Doors open at 5:30. Ticket required.

June 7th-13th - PPAC Closed

Monday, June 14th - Summer Semester Begins

Monday, August 2nd - Fall SemesterBegins

**Class fees are due on the 1st day of each month. They are considered late after the 15th of the month and a $5.00 late fee should be added when paying after the 15th.

**Dance shoes, tights, leotards and shorts may be ordered through the office. These are ordered on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Check out our website at or FACEBOOK. Please feel free to contact Sandy at or on Facebook.